Registered Architect, Board of Architects Malaysia [A/S 111]

APAM (Member of Malaysian Institute of Architect) [M 1872]

SPA [077/2006]

Safri Mohammed received his architectural education at the University of Texas, Arlington where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture program. Upon completing his studies, he spent a few months in Dallas working at a construction site with Gary Cunningham Architect in 1993.


He joined PU Architects in 1995 as a Project Architect. In January 2003, he became the Director of PU Architects where he now leads his team of designers into bringing Kuching up to its full potential. The practice is made up of a core of passionate architects and complimented by a significant support team to ensure that the design quality is sustained.

With his immense interest in cycling, he is founded to be the principle of one of Sarawak’s renowned cycling team, Team Corbusier. This has resulted into making PU Architects the key sponsor for the team.

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