The design concept of ‘HIKMAH EXCHANGE’ is based on the design features of the neighboring buildings around the site. Characteristics of Malay culture are also incorporated into the design of the building, primarily the cultures of the local Malays in Sarawak. 

The design of the office building takes to account the context of Masjid Bahagian as a symbol and identity of the Islamic Malay community in Kuching. The square shaped design of the building and the design of the site also includes similar features of the mosque.

The organic design concept of the communication tower is refined to acquire the shape of the unique features of a ‘cokmar’ (mace) which symbolizes Malay leadership. It is also derived from the context of the Minarets of ‘Masjid Bahagian’ found on every corner of the mosque; which symbolizes the glory of ‘azan’ (call for prayer).




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